GoPad is important because SIZE  MATTERS!





The SIZE of a computer’s touchscreen presents a huge design problem:


The bigger the display is, the better its usability


The smaller it is, the better its mobility







The Size Problem




It’s the ergonomic problem that forced Apple to:


1) Invent this amazing product


2) Develop this Bigger variant


3) Develop this smaller variant












GoPad solves the same problem differently





It’s a simpler and better solution














The wearable tablet is 4 times bigger than a smartphone

and 40 times bigger than a smartwatch




Users get the same touchscreen area as holding 4 smartphones


or wearing 40 smartwatches





It’s like holding a GIANT smartphone that can’t be dropped












And SPEED is just as important as size

Using a GoPad takes just 4 seconds



That’s as FAST as using a smartwatch!













The ergonomic Problem and its simple Solution


you wear your “computing device” on your wrist, carry it in your pocket or type on it at your desk; the SIZE of its User Interface is always a compromise between BIG and small.  A high-performance computing experience requires a BIG device but today’s mobile lifestyle also requires a small device.  That size/performance conundrum has forced us to own and juggle two devices: a BIG one for performance and a small one for mobility.


Now there’s no a need to juggle multiple devices because wearing a GoPad gives you an extra pair of hands.  That frees both of your hands so your full-sized tablet is transformed into the ultimate BYOD mobility tool.  GoPad gives you the performance of a laptop AND the mobility of a smartphone, all in ONE big beautiful device! 












Wearing “Extra Hands Works!



Here are THREE wearable tools that improve your mobility






ONE                                     TWO

 Crutches                                                      A Bicycle















Extra hands are a timely invention



In 1984 it was the mouse and then in 2007 it was the touchscreen


In 2016 tablet wearability will start the next Ergonomic Revolution





















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